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Puzzle / Quest Worlds

Here are some awesome worlds that peeps have created, that challenge you, or engage you to participate and solve their world secrets. These are great little expansions to the game that take you on a journey that gives Minecraft a purpose, and reason for playing.

Pyramid of Traps - Heathen 2010
Pyramid Trap

Inspired by the new dispenser block, even if I did only end up using it for one of the traps, I've built a small pyramid and filled it with a variety of traps and a treasure room. (It extends further underground, although there was more room inside than I was expecting).

Obviously this being Minecraft you could just mine through the side of the pyramid, but that would spoil the fun...[More Information]

>> Download World - Pyramid of Traps - Heathen2010

Schnz's Challenge - Xia Tek

"Have you ever wanted to test your skills in traversing a bunch of neatly arranged voxels? In Schnz's challenge, you will face many blocky perils while searching for a mysterious treasure (Its a green record).

See places like, Misty Mines, Maze of Mayhem, Scary Sewers, Rapid Rise, Incendiary, Icefield, Mossy Mire and the Perilous Pit."

[More Information]

>> Download World - Schnz's Challenge - Xia Tek

Puzzle World - Anonymous
The Puzzle World

This is a cool world, and is challenging but rewarding with some cool sights. I spawned deep underground, and immediately had no clue of where i was and where to go. I had a watch, some carts and some arrows, so i went off snooping around.

It soon became apparent that this was in some way, a puzzle world when i stumbled across an almost bottomless pit with only some columns strategically placed around...[More Information]

>> Download A World: Puzzle World - Anonymous

Skylands - Puddinghuxtable

Skylands is a custom tailored world for the Alpha version of Minecraft, a game of exploration and building in a virtually never ending procedurally generated world.

Features include but are not limited to: Awesome scenic areas to play and travel in. Puzzles, dungeons, mazes and treasure hunts.

This map will have you playing for a long time...[More Information]

>> Download World - Skylands - Puddinghuxtable

The Mines of Mystery - Powergannon
The Mines of Mystery

'The Mines of Mystery is an epic, challenging puzzle / platformer by Powergannon (aka Kamiyasi). In this exciting adventure, you will find yourself discovering pieces of the mines mysterious past.'

This is a cool quest world that promises challenges that will keep you guessing and will provide with lots of gameplay, an exciting quest expansion that just makes this game even better. Are you brave enough....[More Information]

>> Download A World - The Mines of Mystery - Powergannon

The Minecraft of Zelda - Truz
The Minecraft of Zelda

This world was shared by Redditor Truz and is an awesome attempt at creating another zelda adventure, but in Minecraft. This world is filled with some amazing creations, beautifully built, and breathtaking to look at.

This is a work in progress by Truz who hopes to create a new Zelda game but in Minecraft.

[More Information]

>> Download A World - The Minecraft of Zelda

Thinkrs Obstacle Course
Thinkrs Obstacle Course

There are 10 different obstacle courses to tackle, all with their own individual challenges. Some are kinda easy, but some are really hard. Do you have what it takes to complete all 10 courses.

Download this world here and take up the challenge. Post your times for either individual course times or time taken to complete all 10. Thanks to Thinkr for such an awesome world that helps build your skills for when you want to tackle those major building projects......[More Information]

>> Download A World - Thinkrs Obstacle Course

Four Towers Adventure - Wreckage - **As seen in Yogscast**
Diamonds Thumb

The Four Towers map is a attempt to create a story based Adventure. You wake up alone in a tower prison, you must escape, find your family and crush the tyranny. Follow the signs and have fun. Everything has been tested multiple times so it all should work.

I built in save points so if you use a file or save manager use it. This one works good for me Treasurchest This will keep the frustration lvls down......[More Information]

>> Download Minecraft World - Four Towers - Full Addition - Wreckage

Adventure World - Wreckage
Adventure World

This world was put together by Wreckage using the Compilation World he built previously. This is the New and Final cut of this map. Now with Amazing race and Scavenger Hunt.

Loads to do, Side quests, Dungeons, Mazes, Puzzles, and more. Can you find everything?

[More Information]

>> Download Minecraft World - Adventure World - Wreckage

Catastrophe Dungeon - Wstac99
Catastrophe Dungeon

'For anyone beginning to tire with the tedium of Minecraft, I made you a dungeon to play. You play as a mysterious stranger awaking from sleep. Original, right? Well, what it may lack in story, it makes up for in traps, platforming, puzzles and scenery.

Standard Dungeon rules apply: ie. not breaking or placing blocks..

[More Information]

>> Download Minecraft World - Catastrophe Dungeon - Wstac99

Dungeon Princess - Anonymous
Dungeon Princess

This is a great puzzle world where you need to go through a series of skilled tests in order to get through this Dungeon to reach the princess.

This world was uploaded to us, but due to the great loss of Feb 2011, i don't know who made it.

This is a great world to download and play in, test your skills and see if you have what it takes to get through the challenges.....[More Information]

>> Download Minecraft World - Dungeon Princess - Anonymous

Great Pyramid of Ditkal - Lamerus
Great Pyramid of Ditkal

Here is yet another exciting pyramid puzzle world where along your path deep into the pyramid there are all sorts of dangers, and death can come from anywhere. This is the Great Pyramid of the pharoah Ditkal.

Can you locate the treasure, and solve this puzzle, or will you die caught in a trap, never to escape.

[More Information]

>> Download Minecraft World - Great Pyramid of Ditkal - Lamerus

Jump-N-Ladders - Wreckage
Great Pyramid of Ditkal

This is an amazing world created by Wreckage who has challenged us all to rid ourselves of the fear of heights. There are several blocks around leading all the way to the top and out of this watery hole.

Instructions: You can use the items provided, no need to destroy or add blocks. OH, and have fun. This might make a good SMP challenge too.

[More Information]

>> Download Minecraft World - Jump N Ladder Challenge - Wreckage

Mayan Dungeon - BaylorBears
Mayan Dungeon

The challenge is to make it through this ancient Mayan Dungeon before you die, which going on the way i went, should be within the first 30 seconds.

This one is difficult but it can be done. If you have a steady hand the skills to pay the bills, then i recommend you give this dungeon a go.

This is not for the faint hearted and is a well made creation....[More Information]

>> Download Minecraft World - Mayan Dungeon - BaylorBears

Mayan Temple and Dungeon - BaylorBears
Mayan Temple Dungeon

If the other dungeon wasn't enough where i could barely make it past the first minute, BaylorBears has come out with another beauty.

Taken from the first inspiration, this world has been improved with more harder and unpassable traps.

Check out the video walkthrough, download and see if you're good enough....[More Information]

>> Download Minecraft World - Mayan Temple Dungeon - BaylorBears